Bhutan’s mountains are some of the most spectacular in the world. Sparsely populated virgin pine forest still covers the slopes. Majestic peaks in the background, and a clear mountain stream full of trout, makes Bhutan an ideal fishing destination. Off the beaten track and exclusive.

The trout is actually not native to Bhutan. The brown trout was introduced from the Kashmir region of India, presumably stocked there by the British. Bhutan may be one of the least developed trout fisheries in the world, but is not that difficult to visit. You probably can’t justify going to Bhutan just for the fishing, but when you factor in the cultural experience of visiting this isolated country and its welcoming people, it’s a trip not to be missed. Fishing spots range from large rivers to crystal clear spring-fed streams. Altitudes range from a low of 1200 meters to 3000 meters. The most common varieties are the snow trout (belonging to the carp family) and the brown trout (which has thrived since its introduction some decades ago). The best times for fishing are in spring (March to May) and fall (September to November). All the fishing in Bhutan is Catch and Release. In addition, ER Tours and Treks will purchase all the necessary licenses for our guests to be able to fish in Bhutan. Fly fishing is somewhat challenging in Bhutan as our rivers are generally narrow and the shore line is deep.