Our cultural tours are designed to provide our guests with a rich and personal experience of Bhutan’s religion and culture, its traditional woven garments, religious mask dances, folk dances, songs and reverence for our natural environment. Bhutan exhibits a rich heritage and vibrant culture, as the people are proud of their distinct and unique traditional and cultural customs. The clothes, religion, culture, tradition and festivals, and its pristine environment intertwine to provide a unique cultural experience. Bhutan is the last bastion of the Mahayana form of Buddhist civilization.

Culture and tradition in Bhutan plays very important role in preserving the pristine environment. For a small country landlocked between the two most populated countries of the world, the preservation and promotion of its distinct cultural identity is seen as an important means for its survival as an independent and sovereign democratic kingdom. our tour itineraries are intended to provide our guests with an overall idea of cultural tours in Bhutan. ER Tours and Treks wishes to cater to each guests’ personal interests and time constraints, We hope that our guests will enjoy their experience and return with wonderful memories. Our staff will charm you with their endless hospitality and extensive knowledge of their country.