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Our story

The tiny Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan awaits, nestled high in the Himalayas its isolation from the world has cultivated a culture rich in traditions, religion and a benevolent monarchy. The dramatic landscapes, from snow capped peaks and deeply forested slopes to raging, boulder strewn rivers, sit largely undisturbed as the endeared environmental initiatives and religious beliefs leave the Kingdom pristine and a jewel of nature. The program takes you into this ancient Kingdom for an adventure into the hearts and lands of charming farmers, fascinating weavers, enchanting monks and charismatic leaders

ER Tours and Treks is a registered travel company under the Tourism Council of Bhutan and a member of ABTO (Association of Bhutanese Tour Operator) proposed with the determination to provide ultimate satisfaction, safe and informative travel experience in Bhutan.

The kingdom of Bhutan opened its doors to tourism in 1974. Since then, the number for tourists visiting Bhutan is kept to an environmentally manageable level through government regulated tourist tariff. A totally Buddhist kingdom, Bhutanese are renowned for their happiness, and are a proud people who wear their national costume with pride. Travel to Bhutan with ER Tours and Treks and witness the awe-inspiring mysteries that this land has to offer. Be it the colorful festivals, historical ancient fortresses or the landscapes of snow-clad mountains, lush valleys, dense forests and rushing streams or hidden rituals in remote monasteries and the daily life in far flung rural communities, we have it all.

For travellers who look for more than conventional tourist attractions, and desire to experience Bhutan’s fascinating traditions, we opens doors and takes you into the heart of a rich and thriving culture, unique art and architecture and above all, the people whose simple lifestyle will make your Bhutan experience unforgettable. With ER Tours and Treks you dont travel as TOURIST,but travel as a GUEST. We would be able to share with you experiences that cannot be enjoyed by ordinary visitors.

We plan each trip separately, making sure you get exactly what you request, and ensuring little special extras for every member of your party. There is abundance of wonderful opportunities, especially for photography, while on a journey through the interior of our Kingdom. The natural heritage is more rich and varied in Bhutan than any other Himalayan countries. With more than 70% of its area under forest cover, Bhutan is one of the leading countries in environmental preservation. Various parts of the Kingdom are declared as Wildlife reserves, and they are the natural habitats of rare species of both flora and fauna. Bhutan is free of air pollution, traffic jams and any of kind of criminal activities that would definitely make your trip to Bhutan a wonderful and unique travel experience.

For ER Tours and Treks nothing is more important than the satisfaction to our clients to get at the end of every tour. Finally, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for spending your valuable time to know about us, and we are confident that we would be able to strengthen our business relationship in the years to come.

Why Travel With Us?

We know Bhutan & her neighbourhood:

We are a reputed and government certified tour operator in this region. Our travel consultants update us with every single change in the region.

Value for Money:

We make it sure that our prices are the lowest possible minimum for the quality services we provide. You will find that we offer quality service at a competent price.

Focused on Customer Service:

We specialise in tailor-made travel and independent travel arrangements for international travellers to Bhutan and her neighbours.

Standard Itinerary and Tailor-maid Programs:

We specialise in both standard itineraries & tailor-made private travel. You can work with us to customise travel plan according to your need.

Our Company & Staff:

We are a government registered company with qualified & dedicated professionals know the great historical sites and natural locations dotted across the landscape, and they are always there to help you take marvelous pictures. provide comfortable tour and trekking facilities. We are well equipped to make your visit to Bhutan a memorable one in your lifetime experience.

Responsible tourism policy:

We believe in responsible tourism practices, and we are careful of the ecological, cultural, and political sensitivities.